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Internal Medicine

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San Francisco, CA  94117
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As specialists in Internal Medicine, we provide
comprehensive primary health care for adults from
management of acute illness to ongoing care of chronic
diseases as well as focusing on prevention.

We offer:
  • Same day appointments for established
  • Prompt return of phone calls.
  • On-call services for emergencies.
  • Comprehensive Physical Exams - an emphasis
    on prevention and optimizing health.
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute General
    Medical Problems - from colds and flus to
    symptoms of abdominal pain, dizziness,  headaches,
    back pain, etc.
  • Ongoing Management of Chronic Diseases -
    including diabetes, hypertension, elevated
    cholesterol, digestive diseases and asthma.
  • Pre-Operative and Perioperative Care -
    including medical risk assessment before surgery
    and optimizing post-surgical inpatient care.
  • Care for our hospitalized patients - Our patients
    receive top-notch medical care by their personal
    physician while hospitalized at St. Mary's Medical
    Center as well as close follow-up after discharge.
  • Supervision of Visiting Nurses - providing care in
    patient's home.
One Shrader
Suite 640
San Francisco